sWell (shakewell) wrote,

living single

i don't know why i continue to pursue him. in a way, it actually disgusts me. regardless of whether he is or isn't into me--which is still completely fucking debatable at this point (depending on who you talk to)--it's not like it even matters. i'm leaving in a week. i will be gone for at least three months and will have limited contact with home.

shit. i just hate being rejected. and i hate mixed signals!

on a much lighter note, it's like fireman city downtown today. that really brightened up my morning.

one thing i hate: being picked on one second and then caressed the next. (though i suppose it's better than being picked on all the time or not being caressed at all.)

one thing i love: falling asleep instantly, in someone else's arms.

one randomly awesome thing: ghostbusters was on tv this morning!

one completely unawesome thing: that son of a bitch gave me another (bigger, darker) hickey. my "parting gift."

shit. ass. fuck.

yeah... i said it.
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