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just look at all these exclamation points!!! i'm outta control!

i made a new friend
i can't believe it
the girl everyone loves to hate
has a new friend
you don't understand
how excited i am
it's been forever
since i made a friend

oh god
i'm being attacked
by lady bugs

i've had so much caffeine
and so much fun
i'll never get to sleep


t: that is so freaking hot like asteroids
s: haha
s: hot like asteroids?!
t: you know
s: the game?
s: is it hot? i was unaware
t: like asteroids falling in the sky
s: ohhhhhhhhhh!!!
s: i'm such a dunce

t: ive only known you like a day but your wonderful
s: i'd say the same for you!
Tags: friendship, silly
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