sWell (shakewell) wrote,

ghosts, green thumbs, gotta go

last night, among other things, i dreamed of a remote controlled ghost, phil wickersham's parents' house, katie strandmark and a sock sale. the ghost thing was actually pretty awesome. it was like gravedigger with a cabage patch doll slapped on top and it flew around and freaked everyone out. ah, man, i'm too much.

i wont he flower fest in hell today and completed the ankylosaur skeleton. also, it's raining there for the first time, so i'm going to try to catch a snail and a coelacanth tonight--hells yeah!

packing is hard. it took me nearly an hour to pack up one shelf of stuff i haven't even used since i put it on the shelf. gra. also, i need some bigger boxes. if any of you have the hook up, hook me up please. and, hey, if anyone wants to help move my grand piano sometime... yeah right.

oh. hey. i have a mohawk today! (but i could use some clipper action if you've got that.)
Tags: animal crossing, dreams, hair

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