sWell (shakewell) wrote,

i'd like to remix a song and called it the "bathdub"

today was fun. my main water line backed up and filled my sinks, toilet and bathtub with filthy water. my cable went out. my car radiator busted. and i had to walk to the mechanic's to pick up my car.

oh well.

i bought some delicious groceries, yesterday, and made taco's with my brother last night. we went out with bridgette to the slippery noodle, where i got molested by some creepy old man as i tried to squeeze behind his chair. i picked up the fountainhead again, today, and it was the most incredibly prefect section to be reading at this particular time in my life. uncanny. i've started watching desperate housewives. and i'm back into the pump it up routine.

life is pretty good.

after being forced to spend time away from the computer today, sitting here and rambling on seems like a pretty big waste of time.

see you later. bye.
Tags: car trouble

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