sWell (shakewell) wrote,

to each their own paragraph

so, today marks the end of a glorious five-day drinking binge. (unless, of course, someone wants to get some beers tonight.) it's been a pretty great week. my friend kristen finally turned 21 and we celebrated for her, for me and for everyone else who didn't go balls out during their own social rites of passage. we went to broad ripple (twice). we went downtown. hell, we even went to terre haute. and, last night, we stayed home. good, great, fabulous times...

i have a new roommate. his name is euclid. he's the best kitten i've ever had in my life. he only meows when i walk in the door. he always uses the litter box. he snuggles with me at night and he noozles me in the morning when it's time for class. the only downside, is that he likes to hang out in the window behind my headboard, but he can't get out by himself. (why he continues to go back there is beyond me.)

school is going so incredibly well it scares me. i'm really on my game this semester. my teachers compliment me on my consistently superb work and my classmates finally respect, rather than resent, my intelligence. it's an incredible feeling. thank god for 400-level classes.

i got about a billion ridiculous calls this weekend. half from the boy who's pissed about the guy i'm seeing and half from the guy i'm seeing, who was pissed that i put my phone on silent and promptly forgot about it after the first dozen calls from the other boy. here's a clue, fellas: maxing out my voice mail storage capacity with your incessant, exceedingly unintelligible and drunken messages will in no way whatsoever aid in your cause to get me back on your side. plus, for your information, you can never really erase the things you say. people always hear them, read them and see them. before you know it, malicious rumors spread and, in a desperate attempt for your friends to appear to be on your side, they escalate your hostility to the next level. you take it back, but they just keep running.
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