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bowling for stitches

so it turns out it's league night at every bowling alley in town. awesome. glad i called ahead, though i wish i'd called a little further ahead and just not made the fucking plans.

so, yeah, fuck leagues.

on that note, i'd like to start the ipwib league bowling again. i use the term league pretty loosely here. we don't necessarily need teams of any sort, but i would like to make a regular event of it. though, it would be fun to have a league championship just for fun. so, i'm going to find a centrally located alley and discern a night/day that fits into most people's schedules most of the time AND isn't league night. then, i'll get back to you all.

i'm in it to win it, kids.

hey, i found this while looking for bowling images. god, i love those shockers.

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