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secrets and social theory of a dancing queen

from the last batch on postsecret. i'm a big fan of the first. less so of the second, but a lot of other people seemed moved by it, so i thought i'd share with those of you who don't follow the feed.


i'm doing so well in school at them moment that it's somehow disgusting. i really don't know what to do with myself. i spent all those years blowing off assignments because i felt like i couldn't do them AND have time for fun as well, but i realize now that tasks take significantly less time when broken down into manageable pieces and spread out over time.

there's a reception for a-students in the school of science next month. to be honest, i'd kind of like to go, but i don't want to go alone and that's not the kind of thing you can drag a non-geek friend to. oh well.


i had a super-fabulous time in bloomington this weekend. team ipwib ruled the dance floor right up until they shut bull's down. despite the fact that i didn't get drunk and i did get horribly sick from my two delicious sparks beverages, i danced my ass off to dj miles maeda. i've never danced that hard sober before, and possibly ever. it was glorious. plus, how can you not have a blast dancing with the likes of quarantine, chuwie, spooge, mogis, viealet, stewbot and phil mother-fuckin' good?!

i missed most of slater's set, but he was spinnin' some talking heads when i walked in and, subsequently, while i was barfing in the toilet. so, that definitely put me into the right groove for the night.

i love bull's, because i feel certain that absolutely no one in that (gay) bar even gives me a second thought. if only the rest of my life were so carefree...

oh yeah, before bull's, we went to the vid, where i ran into (and talked to) like ten people i know--which is pretty uncharacteristic for me, especially in a town where i don't live. the most bizarre part was that a lot of these people recognized me and came over to me. i mean, seriously, i would never imagine that linny mcskinny or greg campbell would ever have a need or desire to seek me out. so, that's pretty neat.

regardless of whatever happened between menlie and i, my friendship with her was a great advancement toward overcoming my social anxiety. i've met so many people through her in the last year (mostly the last six months) and i feel i'm so much more equipped to handle these introductions and encounters at the bars (and elsewhere) because of it.

[i think i met fetha, but i'm not entirely sure, as no names were exchanged. if it wasn't her, then i have absolutely no clue who that chick was. ops! i guess i haven't quite mastered these social situations yet.]

anyway, spent the rest of my time in pistol city catching up and having heart-to-hearts, learning to play settlers of catan, playing and watching video games, lobbing cheesy poofs and eating a delicious (and speedily-served) breakfast at wee willy's. good times.
Tags: alcohol, anxiety, comfort level, dancing, friendship, menlie, postsecret, school, slater hogan

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