sWell (shakewell) wrote,

the loot

a 30 gig ipod (full of bumpin' choons) and universal dock from my brother & parents
a water color a day calendar from my aunt sandy, uncle bill & cousin david
a belt and some candy bars from my gramma & grampa
a card from my aunt katie, uncle bill & cousins billy, andy & colleen
a card from my niece sadie
butter rugs from stewbot
i hear stewbot's mom also got me something, but i don't know what it is yet.

and from my parents: the march of the penguins dvd (which i fell asleep to twice and have yet to finish), two big dark chocolate hershey bars, a camel back, a biking shirt, three photo albums & a ton of scrapbooking stuff.

and, since giving is more important than giving:

i got my niece the game set and some astrojax.
i got my brother the settlers of catan game.
i got stewbot some space invaders wall decals
i got a few people some gift certificates to evolving records, but i haven't delivered them yet. so, i won't mention any names here.

i've also been cobbling together a random assortment of goofy junk to give to this guy i'm crushing on, but i probably won't do it in the end because it's all just a little too silly.


in other news, i'll be in madison wednesday and some of thursday too. let me know if you're in town those days; i'd really like to get together with as many non-indy people as i can while i'm down there.


i broke out some of the old wax today for the first time in a couple of months. i think it's great when you can step away from an activity for a while and somehow come back better than you were when you left. i'm not saying i'm awesome by any means, but i can definitely tell that i've progressed at a few things. i can't wait to buy some new records and get excited about some new music. admittedly, though, i did play some great tracks today that i had forgotten about. so, that was pretty choice.


so, i volunteered to work both christmas eve and christmas day. on sunday, i was working with the owners and thought i would get a chance to hassle them into some freakin' holiday pay. no such luck. so, in addition to getting my crappy hourly salary, the owner also didn't cash out the tips that people put on their credit cards. it's not like it was a lot of money--five or ten bucks probably--but it would definitely help cover the lack of holiday pay.

i did ask gabe, the owner, if he did the credit card tips and all he said was "no, i don't think i did." i kind of just stared at him when he said that, waiting for him to say "let me do something about that" but he never did. it's right about then that i lost the nerve to request holiday pay.

i'm such a fucking puss. it's pathetic.

adam, gabe's business partner, gave me the $30 he made on the deliveries he took, but i felt like those should have been the driver's tips so i gave them to him.

ps - they changed a lot of the constituents in our pizzas recently. i am no longer a fan.


i started my first scrapbook today. i'm making an actual, factual adventure diary. i started with my san diego trip and it's totally rad. taking the time to document my life's adventures is definitely going to be one of my new year's resolutions.


i somehow managed to keep my gpa at a 3.1 this semester. i don't claim to understand how that worked out at all. i'm taking 17 hours next semester. i recommend that you spend time with me now if you miss me at all, because i don't imagine i'll be getting out too much between january and may. (going to class is also another new year's resolution.)


QOTD: a dj who doesn't dance is like a writer who doesn't read.

Tags: giftmas, pizza express, qotd, school

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