sWell (shakewell) wrote,

all i want for christmas is an oil change and a colts jersey

in light of my limited budget and time frame, i sent out postcards for the holidays. some are actually holiday-themed. some are themed for the recipient. some are just something else. anyway, i hope you all enjoy them. i spent $12 on stamps. woo-oo. (did you know they're raising postage rates again in 2006?)

i've been working a lot, but you wouldn't know it from looking at my paycheck. whatever. i signed up to work buth christmas eve and christmas day. wish i could get over-time. oh well, though. it all adds up or something. and money isn't what really matters. etc. etc.

looking forward to the senior-freshman trivial pursuit rematch. though, it occurs to me now, that i asked for the wrong day off work. awesome.

ran into keith black in broad ripple. he didn't remember my first or last name, but was somehow able to recognize me, despite my bleached, short locks and glasses. he seemed very interested to know if i was single and gave me his number so we could go out for drinks sometime. i just find this odd in so very many ways. still, perhaps it's proof that the geek shall indeed inherit the earth in the long run, while their previous tormentors and oppressors clamber at their feet.

i think i may do some christmas shopping tomorrow. i know. i'm crazy.

good night.

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