sWell (shakewell) wrote,

pizza, pupil x 2, pizza x 2 (that's "pizza, pizza" you fool!)

so, work is going swimmingly. i'm pretty much awesome at my job functions, which is such a relief. i can't tell you how great it is to actually look forward to going to work instead of dreading it. everyone i've worked with has been super-nice to me and they even tell me i'm doing well, which i think means a lot since none of these kids give a shit about the pizza business.

i've already learned how to do a lot of other stuff that's not technically my job. i think it's fun. i'm looking forward to learning how to make my own pizza.

the most interesting part of my job is getting to earn tips. i haven't mastered it at all, but i'm working up my mojo. i'm going to start a little contest with myself to see if i can earn more tips each day than i did the last. i still don't think i'd ever want to be a waitress, though, because that's far too much interaction with the same people. i still enjoy the single-servings of customer interaction.

next friday will be my first night to close. that place is a mess when the bars close. i think it will be a very fun night!

oh yeah, three different people at work remarked how bubble bobble was the most awesome game ever the other night, when it somehow came up in a conversation i was not involved in. that is so freakin' great to me (as i feel bubble bobble is one of the most under-appreciated games of all time).


this is the last week of classes before finals, so i should probably get back to work.

i looked at transferring to san diego next fall, but their math programs are not what i'm looking for at all and their education programs are only for masters degrees. oh wells.


i had this crazy dream about having a blown pupil the other night. it's the first dream where i can remember feeling things (pressure, hyperventilating) besides falling off the bed feelings. it was also strange because i dreamed that i'd woken up and told stewbot about it and also about another dream i dreamed i had. pretty nutso.


here, i was looking for a pizza image to use as a userpic, but came across this instead.


god, what i wouldn't do for some crazy bread right now...

/me considers taking a little drive up to pendleton pike...
Tags: dreams, pizza express, school

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