sWell (shakewell) wrote,

mail call

i didn't get to pet the interweb again before returning home, so i sent zero postcards from cali.

also, i sort of expected no one to give a shit, so i only bought three postcards at the airport. they are all of places i actually went to, so i had really planned on putting them in my scrap book.

however, i will send you all lame homemade postcards from indiana! i may even include some souveniers/artifacts from the trip. chuwie, if you didn't leave your address before, do it now. i have the most awesome thing in the world to send you!

but, yeah i'm home. still riding high on the excitment of the trip, but certain to crash soon in the desolate winter lonliness of my frigid little apartment. i am so moving out of the midwest, asap.

i'll have the real update soon (tomorrow, probably), but for now here's a list of things i didn't do:

>> enter a g-string contest in mexico,
>> get wet in the ocean,
>> hook up with any california dude bros, skeezy mexicans or anyone else for that matter.
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