sWell (shakewell) wrote,

Das Monitar ist kaput! (KOMPUTARRRRRR!!!!)

well, you can all kiss your fancy pants giftmastm gifts goodbye. my monitor (actually it was my brother's) finally crapped out on me yesterday. the end has been a long time coming, but these past few days have been flicker city and yesterday's episode was accompanied by, at least from what i could smell, some burnination and a loss of power.

[by the way, i thought i couldn't sleep before. ha! i thought i was going to lose my motherfucking mind last night. no futurama to drown out the hum of the computer. no hum of the computer to mask the motor of the refrigerator. so, i broke out the hemisync cds, only the case for the one i like was empty. i had to listen to the other one that both confuses and infuriates me. plus, i had to wear my dj headphones. so, after not getting into my "light meditative state" when the narrator asked me to, i also missed the cue to let my body drift to sleep while my mind remained alert and awake. then, much white noise later, i finally start crawling toward sleep when that cock sucking narrator chimes in with some more bullshit. he really freaked my ass out. i sat straight up then got confused by the headphones holding me back. then i rolled over and fell off the bed because i was sleeping on the opposite side in order to plug in to the stereo. cripes. it was a long, long night...]

so, yeah, the new monitor is pretty sweet. that picture is black (though it says it's white). mine is white. it looks good with the paint job. plus, it turns sideways. i'm computing in portrait right now. i love it. i'm going to do it all the time. well, except maybe when i watch movies and shit. that would probably just be stupid. we'll see, though. i'm pretty lazy...

speaking of my laziness, when i first installed the monitor, the screen width was an inch off. the weird thing about this particular monitor, is that it doesn't have any of the control function buttons. as an added, bonus, my cd/dvd drive decided not to work when i went to install the new drivers. i tried to get the shit online, but it didn't seem to help. my brother offered to come down and help me fix it up, but i told him there was no hurry; i could toats (that's totally for you non-hip fuckers) watch it like that and he could just swing by sometime within the 14-day return window.

he came over anyway, after i discovered winamp borked too. turns out those drivers messed with one of my plugins or something. then he tightened up the cables on the cd/dvd drive and it was all swell too. so, we installed the drivers and perfected my viewing enjoyment. [god my life would be so pathetic if i didn't have a code monkey / computer geek / all-around genius for an older brother.]


hey. chauncey and i sort of went off-roading today. i say sort of because there used to be a road there. it turns out, similar to how i can't see well enough to drive at night, i can't see well enough to drive in the rain either. surprise, surprise. anyway, we forded the mighty river and crossed to the other side without incident. i can't say the minivan going the other way was so lucky. but, man, my wake toats reached up to their luggage rack. it was tight!


while i was near the mall, i stopped in to buy some new pants for my new fat ass. i was really getting sick of wearing the same pair of jeans everyday and it was sort of making me more recluse than i already am. i broke down and bought some of those stupid girl pants from one of those stupid girl stores that can't just describe clothes by high-falutin' fruity fashion terms and, instead, gives them actual girls' names. i bought some ashleigh cargos, but they didn't have the paige twills in my size. jesus christ. i mean, seriously. come on.
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