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the real dj dan OR the real don steele

i'm thinking about driving up to chicago to see dj dan and paul anthony at smartbar on friday. there's a possibility of getting in free, plus it would then be convenient for me to stop off to buy some records off a friend of a friend. i dunno... it's just something i'm kicking around.

i think i'm just going to go ahead and get a third shift job again. i was up 'til 5 this morning trying to make myself sleepy by reading in dim light. no dice. finally feel asleep watching old school at dawn, only to be awoken by that god damned title screen noise. i would seriously like to punch whoever it was that thought that was a good idea.

anyway, i've been trying to exercise when i get up and stay out of bed when i'm not sleeping, but my sleep cycle seems to have a mind of it's own; it's pulling me back to a nocturnal lifestyle whether i want it to or not. i figure there's no use in fighting it. and no point either. i mean i don't do anything during the day except go to school--and i barely do that as it is. so, fuck it.


Nov. 14th, 2005 11:36 pm (UTC)
I missed Carl Cox when he came to the US. I checked his website awhile ago and didn't see any US dates, but apparently he hit OH and TN I believe. DJ Dan would be cool. I am not real familiar with his stuff, but club is club and even if the music sucks, the booze and dancing can make up for it :D

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