sWell (shakewell) wrote,

even cowgirls get the blues

that thing i said before, about beating insomnia, yeah, not so much.

i downloaded some new episodes of grey's anatomy. i'd previously decided that i didn't particularly like the show at all, but since there's not much else to do at three in the morning, i watched them anyway. i still don't like it much, but i did just watch the most gut-wrenching episode of television i can ever recall seeing. wow. phew.

i haven't had a good cry in a minute. that shit got me at least two or three different times. it's good to know i can still cry. i thought maybe i'd lost that. i think that would be bad. melancholy. then i'd be as heartless as so many already think i am. i hate proving people right.

sleep sleep sleep sleep i just want to sleep

i was going to pick up a hitch hiker tonight. i really was. but the car in front of me stole him before i could even read all of his sign. i was heartbroken. seriously. i wish i had the wherewithall to convey to you that this may be the saddest tale i've ever told.
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