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bitch & moan

well... life sure hasn't been very easy since i moved home. working 40-hour weeks is quite a change from unemployment and commuting to school adds a ton of stress to an already stressful situation. and on top of all of that, planned parenthood has been dicking me around for the past month. first, that planned parenthood situation...

last october, i got my birth control shot at the PP in wichita. they dicked me around for an hour waiting for my charts to be faxed from indiana. eventually i got my shot and everything was great. but, when i got home that night, i saw that they had only given me one date to get my next shot (jan 21) as opposed to the usual week or two range that they gave me in indiana. several times i called the wichita PP to try and get this range of dates or at least determine if the 21st was the first or last day i could get my next shot. many times i was put on hole and a few times i was even hung up on. so i said fuck it, and decided just to ask the PP back home in indiana.

blah, i'm bored of this story already. quick version. the PP in IN can't tell me when i need my shot until i release my records from wichita. wichita is long distance and likes to put me on hold. i fax them my relase form twice, and the never send anything. the PP here in indy can't even give me a shot now because they have to know when my last one was. so, if i was due on the 21st, i'm fucked anyway. now i have to abstain from sex for 2 weeks (ohgodwhy?!), take a pregnancy test and hopefully get a shot next month.

someone really hates me. i swear. fuck planned parenthood though. seriously...

as for school and work, the short version is i work too much. they scheduled me wrong. the never let me leave on time. i refuse to walk into class late. so i cry a lot and skip the parts of class i couldn't technically make it too.

blah. i'm boring.

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