sWell (shakewell) wrote,

what would macguyver do (if he got stabbed to death and stuffed in a washing machine)?

i dreamed of eating breakfast with joe leone and </a></b></a>stewbot in some place that looked like denny's but made food like hinkle's. we were in downtown indy, not far from the veteran's memorial mall. i left to meet </a></b></a>jo3 at his apartment (the old one at 13th and deleware), leaving my shopping bags and purse with the boys at the restaurant. i'd told </a></b></a>jo3 i would meet him out front, but he wasn't there when i got there. i went up to his apartment, but he wasn't there either, so i waited on the steps. there was a pool table in the hallways and mirana jack was playing with some other girl. she was asian, but it didn't really look like mirana. still, i said something along the lines of "you're not even one of the cool asians, mirana." so i'm pretty sure it was her.

after a while, i broke into </a></b></a>jo3's apartment to get my cell phone. (how the fuck it got in there, i don't know.) </a></b></a>stewbot had left me 5 text messages, the last of which said that he had my things in his car. leone had called and left a voice mail that said he wasn't "going out of town this weekend for that party at all" and that i should call him back sometime like i always say i will.

then, for a while, i wasn't me in the dream anymore. i'm pretty sure i was holden caulfield, but no one ever said my name, so i dunno. anyway, there was a drug king pin in the apartment and he was sitting at the bar (like a real little pub in the corner, dart board and all) with a handful of his minions. i sat down with the king pin and ordered a guinness. there was a stack of money on the table, but it was mostly ones with a few fives thrown in randomly. i counted it: $38. he asked if i played poker. i pulled some chips out of my pocket and said, "no, i take it very seriously." so he dealt out the cards, texas hold 'em style. we both just bet the top bill from his pile of money. we never seemed to finish a hand before he'd start shuffling again.

as his gang was leaving, afterward, i stopped him at the front door. at this point, i realize the guy is macguyver. so, i stab him to death with a swiss army knife and stuff him inside the washing machine. my kid sister saw me put him in the washing machine, and she ran off to mirana's apartment.

i walk downstairs and find </a></b></a>jo3 sitting on the stoop. i'm me again. i pull my hands out of my pockets and find them filled with white gum balls. i say, "why do you let your hair get so long? and, oh, i ate all your gum balls."
Tags: dreams
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