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jib jab jobber [miraasan]

my dad quit his job. i can't quite comprehend this. he's been laid off three times in five years, but i'd never think he'd just up and quit a new job. i don't know why i think that; i do it all the damn time.

i know he's sick of working, especially at jobs he loathes. i know it's hard for him starting new jobs at his age. i'm sure he's tired of taking care of us kids all the time. but they just bought a house and a new truck in the last year. they've got two kids in college (maybe).

i guess my mom's working at the wendy's down there. she hates it.

the day i heard my dad was once again unemployed was the day my summer tuition bill came in. it was hard for me to ask my dad to pay it, but he didn't seem to mind.

god, i just really hate money. more so, i hate my dependence upon it. and my dependence on my parents' money.

at least next semester i'll start getting 80% reimbursement checks from work and i can start paying a little of my own way. even though i should be putting that money away for a car, i can't keep dragging my parents into debt while i dick around at school.

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