sWell (shakewell) wrote,

don't forget to write about this later [miraasan]

it's not that i'm jealous exactly. i don't wish it were me now. i don't want him back. i know i'm better off without him.

it's just that i would have been better off with out him sooner or at all.

i think of all the things he couldn't do for me and i know he just wouldn't.

i think of how he said he still loved me. but it all ended after that one sentence.

i'm mostly just boggled about people in general. i don't know how to differentiate until after the fact. maybe there's no way to tell. maybe we're all the same, it just takes time for it to manifest.

a plane. missed classes (of his senior year).

my first instinct is to say "i wish i'd been good enough for him," but i know that's not really what i mean. in all other things, i discredit his ability to discern greatness. why should my own personal worth be any different, especially when i scorn his determining sense of good character?

that's the trouble of second-hand living.

what i really wish is that i was good enough for me. then i never would have needed him and he never could have hurt me.

or only to a certain point at least.
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