sWell (shakewell) wrote,


somebody thinks they've busted me with my alternate journal. it's always been there for anyone to see if they would only ask about it.

they think i should be ashamed of what i've written there. i'm not. it's just not the kind of thing i want to rub in people's face when they come to this journal. some people, obviously not me, believe in a little thing known as too much information.

anyway, before someone comes running here trying to make a scandal again, i thought i'd own up. (not that anyone did or even could have seen the comment they left here.) i'm just going to move the entries over and delete the thing now, since it's completely moot. i'll be sure to link the entries as i do.

enjoy if you please. be warned, it's a lot of me being really down and really hard on myself. i do it there so i don't have to hear about it here. please restrain your compassion, empathy and sympathy. writing is my catharsis and my salvation is through myself, not you.


it's funny. the old me would have been on a witch hunt after this little scandal-maker. but today i just deleted his/her comment and didn't even look at the IP, let alone trace it. it wouldn't be hard to consider the handful of people who even knew about the journal, but i'm not in the mood to be suspiscious. backstabbing: that's the price you pay for friendship these days. i've come to accept that.

so thanks to whomever it was that was stupid or mean enough to make that journal known to someone else. i hope you got what you wanted.

if you write it, they will find it.
settling in
seeking reassurance
axioms, properties and corrallaries
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
there's no trusting anyone
it's about her, but it's about me too. i can see that.
writing, talking, conversing, learning, growing
think before you speak
breaking the mold
hope without hope
he was referring to robots, but isn't it true of men as well?
a foolish letter from a fool for you
forever alone
motionless emotion
drug testing: a family affair
hickory dickory dock
no... wait
drip, drip, drop
the times they are a changin'
jib jab jobber
don't forget to write about this later
best friends for ever. friends for never
this is the friendship you offer me
side effexors
things left unsaid
fracture site
*call waiting*

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