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much need for elaboration

i drove over 600 miles in the last five days. indy -> lafayette -> indy -> castleton -> southport -> indy -> nora -> lafayette -> terre haute -> indy -> bloomington -> ninevah -> indy -> lebanon -> indy. phew!

visited new and old friends alike. got ditched by new and old friends as well.

sold yet another one of my old cars for ten times what i paid for it.

wore a halloween costume out in public for the first time since the fourth grade. it went over really well, though i apparently got some hate for not being creative enough to make my own original costume. fuck off.

finished reading "all the preseidents men" and was disappointed. more on this later.

got some much needed dagwoods and a big ol' pickle!

played the shit out of some emulated video games.

got seriously depressed over what i'm sure was intended to be a huge compliment.

saw a lot of two-faced true natures revealed. so disappointing.
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