sWell (shakewell) wrote,

sleepy girl

they were supposed to clean my carpets back when i renewed my lease in june, but they came at 8:30 this morning instead. that was pretty much fabulous. at least i got up in time to go over to qdoba for a gargantuan breakfast burrito and some apple juice. mmm...

they were supposed to give me a free dinner as well, but the leasing agent tried to talk me out of it, saying "it's just pizza." well, you know what. i love free pizza. so that bitch can fuck right off. i'm going to go get my pizza today and i'm also going to get my second parking pass (which is a story i don't even feel like getting into right now).

while at qdoba, i was musing over how much i like [liquid] salsa (and ketchup and spaghetti sauce) and how absolutely disgusted i am by any food that still resembles any solid piece of a tomato. that, of course reminded me of how shocked stewbot was to learn that even the sight of relish makes me physically ill, while i would probably marry a pickle and have ten thousand little pickle babies if i could.

i'm a strange, strange girl [especially when i wake up early].

i finally got around to watching the last episode of e.r. i'm so over that show. damn it. it breaks my heart.

i've been working on my schedule for next semester. i'm not sure if i'll be going full-time or not. i'm sure it would be better if i didn't. but, we'll see. for now, it's looking like earth history (geol g109), environmental ethics (phil p237), western civ 2 (hist h114) and some math class. i really like the sound of the ethics class, but if i find out i don't have to go full-time to keep my in-school loan deferments riding, it'll be the first one to go, which is too bad really.

over the summer, i'm going to take physics 1 & 2. i've good a feeling i'm going to cop out and take algebra-based physics instead of the calculus-based courses. i'm such a bum. hmmm. i just realized i only have to take physics 1. that might not be so bad.

i ran into some kids from my stats class in the computer lab yesterday. i actually recognized their voices (not their faces) because they usually sit behind me and talk through every lecture. anyway, they agreed to turn in my project for me, but only after they remarked about how they didn't think i was even in the class anymore. you see, as much as i try to disappear at school, even random people who don't give a shit about me still notice bad things about me. god i hate that.

well, my feet are cold and the carpets are wet, so i'm gonna go snuggle up with cozy heart and get my nap back on.

peace out, y'all!
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