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fyi OR secret internet fatty!

i'm still alive. this is not a ransom note. and i had a most excellent time.

i dreamed about kumquats. i don't even know what they are.

the trip to columbus, like the trips to so many parties before it, has been delayed for a few hours. i'm so nervous about the car ride and also the hotel room. i'm not sure i have that much to talk about. i hope i don't start rambling on like an idiot.

i noticed last night that i'm tossing "like" around like crazy again. it annoys me greatly. it's so pedestrian.

i downloaded the wrong episode of e.r. yesterday and the new one says it's going to take three days to get here. good grief.

i desperately need a haircut.

i'm addicted to earning points on the lj support boards. i currently have 35 points and am ranked 477th. not bad considering i'm still a screened responder.

i feel really, really good today. thanks.

[note: i've been rocking spellcheck's world lately. i love it!]
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