sWell (shakewell) wrote,

lost in thought

i quit trying to write everyday. i've been super busy with midterms and out of town a lot. plus, even i don't care what i have to say sometimes.

i've been watching a shit ton of movies lately. i really like my ability to get completely wrapped up in movies. even terrible romantic comedies. it seems like movies are one of the few escapes i have from my incessant thoughts. video games also work, but they need to be inceasing and fast. tetris. wip3out. hell, even solitaire can do in a pinch. i play those games in less than a minute these days.

stratera tells me i probably have adult ADD. they probably tell everyone that. but i think i could have told them that. well, i dunno. when i was 15, they said i didn't have it. i don't think i'm any worse than thet now. i could go for some adderall, though.

i got to sling some pizza monday night for the radio now 93.1 pre-party. i made enough in tips to get a nice beer buzz at $4 a cup and i toke home $7 an hour. i could have stolen so much money from pizza express and totally gotten away with it, but i'm such a good girl these days.

so, yeah, things are pretty good on the homefront. no complaints here.

hey! i doubled my lj support points this week. i'm so effing 1337.

and i finally saw revenge of the sith. i'm not going to lie, i really want to watch the whole series now and tie it all together once and for all.

ps - i'm pretty excited about halloween. events and costumes are still to be decided, but that's cool. i've got lots of options.
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