sWell (shakewell) wrote,

overdue dreams OR bye, bye, bye, breakdancing

i dreamed about the indianapolis library. the 4th floor had blenders for public use every 10 feet or so. i made pomegranate juice. they also had a lot of dishes to be used, but not enough counter/cupboard space. there were dishes in all stages of washing (for some reason there were 4) in these BIG sinks and then clean dishes stacked up all around. i knocked everything down trying to get a juice glass for my sister. after breakfast, the dishes were all stacked again. there was also piles of slippers and empty domino's pizza boxes. i returned the one slipper i'd apparently borrowed and knocked everything down again. i pushed all the dishes back into the sinks because i didn't feel like stacking them back up. before i could finish, i heard someone coming so i sat down in a nearby lounge area and pretended to read an invisible book. i heard the dish washing woman get a lecture from her supervisor about what a bad job she was doing. they talked about installing a sheves in the huge expanse of vacant wall space, but said you had to reinforce it with steel and make sure no one could hurt themselves on the corners first. when the supervisor left i went to talk to the dishwasher. she didn't give me a chance to tell her what happened or that i was sorry. just just rambled on about how the other dishwasher she shared her job with was so organized and how she could probably do both their shares of the job without any such trouble.

i went back to the lounge and met those hippie kids from joewelie's party. then the library manager stopped by to talk to us. he was really tall (7 feet) and he was wearing shorts. he told us about all the new promotions. something about one dvd and one record album a month for 500 months. he likened something else to the "free drinks at the bar they give you as long as it's been five minutes since your last drink." it all seemed to make perfect sense in the dream. some random girl heard the bit about LPs and asked where to find them. the manager told her the first floor, but the hippies assured him she wanted hip hop from the second floor. she asked about children's music which was on the 12th floor. the manager left and i perused the books on the shelf between me and the hippies. there were books about learning to be different kinds of musicians all shaped like musical instruments. there were several dj books, but they kept turning into motherboards when i got them off the shelf. there were also some turntables set up, so i decided to just learn right there. i did a really awesome mix of some prince song but then a security guard came busting through the wall like the koolaid man grumbling something about a poisoning and i hit the record with my hand in the commotion.

i tried to take the elevator to the 2nd floor but this woman in the elevator got seriously upset about having to wait for me. she opened up some side door on the elevator. i followed her out and she jumped back into the elevator and took off before i could come around. i walked to the stairs and saw the poisoned boy. it was this albino looking kid from madison. his mouth was covered in charcoal. in the stairwell, i ran into beth robinson. she had on a shirt with a bar code up the side. i can't remember her saying a word in the dream. i walked with her to find some records but ran across a break dancing class first. we stepped in for the free lesson, but it turns out they were learning the dance to some boy band video. also, beth already knew the moves. rod was there.

i also dreamed about driving to some club. i had to park in a garage. i had a yellow vw beetle. i never made it to the club. i kept trying to park that thing in weird places.

and for some reason i remember a big sack of paper clips.
Tags: dreams
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