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no more pity parties OR the road to alcoholism

so, last week, i ended up partying on four different nights (three in a row) and it definitely caught up to me on sunday. i think i'd better just stick with the weekends from now on, but i did have a lot of good times.

saturday was the russian party at the vapour lounge with eli and (i just want to stand next to hot russians and listen to them talk) bridgette. paul, eli's russian friend who was hot for my bod, has a gorgeous new lady friend and i fear my dreams of russian romance are over before they ever began. val (one of the russians i met at the birthday party thing a while back) was spinning all the same crappy russian techno we heard at the party. he's quite possibly the worst dj i've ever heard mix two songs together. in fact, i don't think there's any mixing involved in his technique. i'm not even sure he beat matches. and, to be perfectly honest, i don't think more than a handful of people in that bar even noticed. crazy drunk russians... going to vapour on a regular night was kind of fun. all the bartenders and bouncers knew me so i got hooked up with fast service, strong drinks and vip treatment. i really felt like i owned that place as much as i could own a place that i haven't purchased. i went up to the dj booth several times to talk with slater, which is weird, because i can't even go up there on thursdays. anyway, the high point of this night was eli saying he wanted to pretend to be russian and talk to people and bridgette just walking off and doing it. she was pretty convincing and she kept it up all night. i love that girl.

friday was the house party. the more i think about it, the more fun i decide i had. initially, i think it left a sort of bad impression on me because i got so tired at the end of the night and was so desperate for a ride home after two of them fell through. but i definitely met a lot of really awesome people and got to know the rest of my acquaintances a lot better. and, god, i just can't tell you how nice it was to go to a house party and not witness any drama. it was also nice not to hear the same old stories about the same old people and all that too. i think all these kids are really interesting. and they're all so outgoing and positive too. i can't get over it. one of these days, they may just bring me out of my funky state of mind. the higlight of this night was definitely watching people (especially grant_steele) struggle with the doors. ;)

thursday was of course the keepin' it deep event at vapour. as i said before, it was nothing amazing but nothing terrible either. talked a lot and flirted a lot. so, that was fun. i guess i'm hoping i can sort of come out of my shell before these kids get to know me as the shy, reserved one. i just hope one day i can come out of that shell without a glass of vodka in my hand.

tuesday was the drum and bass event at the melody inn. i guess i've decided i generally like drum and bass, but i will never be able to dance to it. and since i can't dance to it, i feel like i either have to look stupid and stand around to it or sit down. neither of those options is particularly appealing to me. danny the wild child was great and i thoroughly enjoyed watching him scratch. that is certainly not even remotely a skill in my bag of dj tricks. i also discovered i like to drink pabst. i know it tastes terrible and it's basically no good, but it's one of those beers that i can drink relatively quickly and without making a horrible face. plus, it was only $2.75. i mean, come on!

tuesday was also the "after party" at fleck's where i realized i'm pretty terrible at flirting, kegerators are awesome and try-hard n00bs drive me fucking bonkers. i wish a lot of things had worked out a lot differently that night, but i still had a pretty alright time. in retrospect, going to some dude's house who i barely know and riding with some other dude i barely know and all just so i could flirt with some other dude who i don't know at all--and without my wallet or cell phone--was probably one of the more retarded things i've done in my life, but it all turned out just fine. still, i think i'm falling back into the habit of trusting in people's inherent goodness and i'm not sure how i feel about that.

anyway, thursday will probably be the only night i go out this week and i'm really hoping i can manage not to buy any drinks. my body and my bank account both need breaks. but it's the kaskade event and i think a lot of people will be there, so i also hope i still feel like dancing and just generally being social. it feels really fucking good to get out this apartment, this rut sometimes. maybe a little too good, as evidenced by last week, but it is something i definitely need.
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