sWell (shakewell) wrote,

great expectations OR great... expectations.

dj practice was cut short today. one of my tables decided that my miracle (accidental) fix wasn't good enough and it would go back into its mysterious quite mode. also, the tape on my (broken) headphones was sticking to my hair. it's time to invest some more in that hobby of mine.

i can't quite figure out why, but i woke up thinking about how much i hate expectations. i guess maybe it was because i was also thinking about how glad i was that i had my whole queen size bed all to myself and how i'd have really hated it if i'd had to share it with someone last night.

it's not that i don't like to share my glorious bed and it's not that i don't like to share my life/nights with people. it's just that there are some nights when i'm really sick or tired and i just want to sleep. and, seeing how i'm an incredibly light sleeper (as well as easily embarassed about being sick), if someone's going to get a good night's sleep on my $2000 matress, you can bet your sweet ass it will be me.

i guess the point it that i've finally learned to be a little selfish when i need to be. (though, i'm not even sure i see that situation as selfish. i see it more as not overwhelmingly selfless.)


this guy i used to run around with called me up to see if i wanted to go out for his birthday. in the same message he also accused my of using him to cheat on my boyfriend or make my ex-boyfriend mad. neither of those scenarios is true, obviously, because i haven't even had a boyfriend in a very long time.

so, happy birthday, jackass. i won't be calling you ever again (not even to cheat on my boyfriends).

oh i got another message too. "just give me a call whenever you're done with whoever you're doing."

i really pick the winners.

he said he knew i wasn't the type to just not call someone back after five messages. he couldn't be more wrong about that. i'm the type to not answer the door when you can see me through the window. (cold blooded!) so, i'm most definitely the type to not answer the phone when i don't want to talk to you.

i suppose i can't blame him for having such a distorted perception of me. we only met a handful of times. but i don't see how that gives him the right to make such assumtions about me. ah! i'm upset about his expectations.

well, i'm glad i figured that out.
Tags: birthday, nate brown, so you want to be a dj?
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