sWell (shakewell) wrote,

sweater cake lives!

i accidentally made sweater cake again. oh god! it was quite an unpleasant surprise. another surprise, my dishwasher is broken. i think i knew that, but gave up on ever having it repaired ans started storing pots and pans in there. i really don't want to wash that sweater cake by hand.

i went to the grocery today. i was nearly done when i realized all i had in the cart was carbs and cheese. so, i bought some fruit. i don't know much about fruit. today, i cut a cantaloupe for the first time (and also used my BIG knife for the first time too). i also got some pears, but i think i maybe i only like them when they're soaked in heavy syrup.

i tried to buy meat, but i couldn't deal with it so i bought some boca burgers instead. close enough, right?

man, i'm hungry again...

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