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girl talk

i'm really out of practice with all this girl talk. people seem to appreciate what i have to say, but i can't help but wonder if they don't really deserve my harsh realism in the wake of their personal drama.

sometimes, i think it's not about if you can do better; it's just about if you deserve not to do that bad. like, having a mate (however compatible/mismatched) isn't end-all to life's problems for me. you shoudln't have to put up with bullshit just so you're not alone.

but what do i know? i'm going to be a drunken old bag lady. and what do you call those single old women? old maids! that too.

i guess i'm all about having a lot of good people in my life instead of just that one. cuz my ones haven't been all that great after all. and, from what i've seen, no one's are. i dunno.

i'm a bitch.


pussy posse was almost in full effect tonight (joewelie, menlie, kyla, alex). dom, ben, dave(i'm not looking up his lj name, cuz he never updates), chris, fleck, and plenty of other dudes. slater. colin b! neil $30 burns. geek. wayu (who said he enjoyed watching dudes lay the mack down on me). lots of cats. it was pretty cool.

i'm so fucking scene it's a wrap.


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Sep. 28th, 2005 05:38 pm (UTC)
I agree
hmmmm... "my ones haven't been all that great after all" interesting way of looking at it-I agree completely (personally). A good realization to try an combat the whole "the grass is greener" mentality, yeah maybe we (everyone) for once should just be happy with what we have, at least we didn't lose all our shit in a hurricane.
Also, I myself am going to be the "crazy old lady with 50 cats" you can come and visit me and share your alcohol and I'll give you some empty aluminum cans in return.
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