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girls just wanna have fun OR we like young girls tight

i'll be the first to admit i had some serious reservations about girls' night out, but i had a really excellent time last night after all was said and done.

things started off pretty slow. everyone was supposed to be there at 7. i left my house at 7 and then it took me 30 minutes to find a parking space downtown. (next time i'm riding my bike!) it turns out i was the first one there by a long shot, so menlie and broke out my faithful friend, kamchatka, and talked shop. (that talking shop bit is supposed to be funny because neither of us has a job.) just now, i realized how strange it was to talk about all that girl stuff (boys, clothes, makeup, weight, insecurity, sex) with her and not completely annoyed by it, because i always hated those conversations with kradams and fa1ry_g1rl. i really don't know what the difference is. could be me or her or us. i'd like to think i can enjoy those conversations now because i know there's somewhere else they can go and because i can look forward to not repeating that conversation every single time we meet for the rest of our lives, but, really, who knows why we like the things we like or why we do the things we do?

alex showed up next, but got stuck talking on the phone with nicole for a very long time. later, she showed us her scars and was then surprised that it was a downer for me and menlie. ops.

kyla, kristin and joewelie showed up around the time we had originally planned on heading over to bourbon street. we had a couple more rounds and some more girl talk and i realized just how awkward it can be to be the new person in a group of good friends. does it make sense that i could realize that, but not actually feel that way? my new, lackadaisical dissociation from the world is doing wonders for my social anxiety.

joewelie left us, which was kind of strange, because the whole night had been her idea. the rest of us made it over in time to catch the last 15 minutes of organix's set. then, in the next 15 to 30 minutes, menlie got hassled about her ID and kristin got hers confiscated. however unfortunate for them, this worked out extremely well for me as i was told to bring some lovely ladies with me to the pizza express house party stewbot was spinning at. there's no way any of them would have come if they'd had a choice of something better to do, but they did come and they certainly looked like they had a good time. so i say it all worked out.

we danced. we stole booze. they socialized. menlie got on the decks for a minute.

there were a few incidents with some very, very drunk idiot guys, but nothing major. all the chicks were pretty cool except the few that thought dancing included stomping on the floor and making the records skip. but i've definitely been to worse house parties.

i guess i'm just getting a little too old for that younger crowd's party til you piss your pants and blackout scene. believe me, i've been there. but now i know can have just as much, if not more, fun by pacing myself. speaking of which, i got respect for my girl's for keeping themselves in control last night.

the moral of the story is, i can have good times with anybody anywhere if i just let it happen. also, it's only a matter of time before you're one of the gang, so long as you keep hanging out with the gang. and, most importantly, if you have a fake ID, have your boyfriend buy your drinks.
Tags: alcohol, dancing, fa1ry_g1rl, friendship, kradams, menlie, stewbot
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