sWell (shakewell) wrote,

4.0, here i come! OR aren't you just SOOO smart?

for all the bitching i did about not understanding statistics, i sure did get 100% on my homework assignments and projects. obviously, i'm glad for that, but i'd honestly prefer to understand it instead.

representing 3-space hyperbolic paraboloids in 2-space sure is a pain in my ass. i'm quite surprised at how disoriented i can get just by looking at the sketch of a graph. i need a drawing lesson in perspective.

if i could just stop skipping my calculus class, i know i could get a 4.0 this semester. but i know me, and i'm sure i'll end up with a B in there. oh well. as luck would have it, there is no end to the list of people who want to loan me money for school. so, the navy can wait one more semester.

bridgette also took an online environmental geology class this summer. (who knows--it may have been the same one i took.) so we had some nice conversations about consumption, alternative fuels, industrial farms, pollution, recycling, US reliance on mineral imports and general human impact on the environment. we both agree, everyone should have to take an environmental geology class in college.

i can now identify 15 minerals by their physical properties--a life skill i am sure to take far into my future.

i got to watch some good ol' cable television yesterday with fallennothing. it was glorious. we also at dinner at fazolis where i had a sort of crisis of conscience. see, i was remarking about how i thought the chicken in my pasta tasted worse than i remembered, when the breadstick lady walked up and asked me if i could tasted the difference now that they've switched to free-range chicken. now, i don't think you are actually supposed to be able to taste anything different because the chicken got to run "free" somewhere, but, since i had noticed a change in taste, i found myself preferring the inhumane treatment of yesteryear. i'm pretty sure that thought makes me a bad person.

speaking of food, i'm always amazed at how fast my hair and nails grow, despite my pathetic diet. i eat one meal a day and if it's not ramen, it's fast food. i can't fathom what it would be like to take prenatal vitamins and have that shit kick into overdrive. of course, i can't fathom passing a baby through my cervix either. so, there's that.

i dreamed about the chicago l-station, which is weird, because i haven't been watching er lately. i also dreamed about ritter's frozen custard, which i haven't had since i discovered cold stone. and i dreamed about "the intensity" which is weird, because i've never met him.

i want to go swimming.
Tags: dreams, school
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