sWell (shakewell) wrote,

waking up is hard to do OR subterranean homesick blues

police detective, al pacino - prisoner, 2 folders, officer misconduct, slow to wake up, case of the missing headboard as evidenced by the pillows on the floor, pacino tells me the headboard is in the kitchen. the phone call, two names (kyle), put cigars out in styrofoam cups of water before entering courthouse, pacino and i sit 10 rows back, the woman (the first name given in the phone call) busts in like the cool aid man and waves a gun, everyone ducks, i can't fit down between the pews, the man across the aisle sits still, he's the old man who tried to save a turkey in one of the thanksgiving ER episodes, woman says the second name, old man points to kyle sitting next to him and raises his hand, kyle gets up reluctantly like he accidentally won some dorky award at a school convocation (no fear), he looks like my cousin scotty ten years ago, other people start to sit up, a few steps up the aisle the woman empties her revolver into kyle's chest, the old man doesn't budge and is covered in blood.

later i'm andy griffith, i get the phone call again, i remember everything that happened before, i try to tell the judge but the think i'm either crazy or plotting something, they won't cancel the trial, i go home, the house is one huge room with a tiny un-walled loft, the kitchen is up half a story, the island counter is fronted with urinals instead of cabinets, meadow's black boyfriend noah(?)(from the sopranos) lives in the loft, i know if i can change something i can stop what happens in the courtroom but i can't do it directly at all, noah's girlfriend lives in the country and is waiting to learn to drive, the family car has no windows and it's going to rain, i plead with her parents to teach her anyway just for a few minutes, they think i'm nuts, she runs over to see noah, they roll around in the hay in his loft, they fight over something, noah has the revolver under his bed, he makes her cry so she'll leave, i start to climb the ladder to the loft, a policeman knocks at the front door, i want to get the gun from noah but i know i have to answer the door, indecision, noah "are you going to get the door", officer "it's raining pretty hard out here, andy", it never rained at all that day, noah "my mother was a police officer too. shot in the line...", as i'm plagued by indecision i get some nasty effexor-type sharp headaches and the groceries begin dispensing out of automatic pop-up apparatuses in the shelves, uncle ben's rice, officer "your house is falling apart out here", i notice some ice cream cone fixin's, "she only made one", it's different than when it happened before, i hope it's enough and answer the front door...time skips ahead, see her prom, her friend borrows a jacket from the valet, valet = old man from courtroom, prom is at fancy hotel.

color guard, ambulances not school buses, icy roads, locked up front wheels, columbus north, lit up like ski slopes no ice/snow in sight, we get ready in a hotel lobby (same hotel from before), tina hardin wearing like 10 pairs of earrings and asking me to choose, i borrow two seashell ones (mismatched) and see one of the seahorses my grandma gave me in the pile, angela hamilton and jennifer carpanini have tina put some on them too, tina "it isn't fair i have to worry about earrings and panty lines and being on my period too", i go to the bathroom, emily warren hands me toilet paper and gives some bizarre movie reference while she does it, another band is selling cookies in the bathroom, stewie (family guy) discusses his role in the show with one of the band moms (actually jessica gray's mom), outside i distribute sabers and accidentally instruct guard to start spinning before spencer-pierce is there, mrs. gray runs into the guard to step on buggsy, she says "aren't you proud? last time i let him in."

there was another dream before all these. seeing this icon reminded me. very old fashioned (40s?), daring and sneaky escape past detectives, don't remember if i was a criminal, detective or regular citizen this time.
Tags: dreams
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