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so, as expected, i did not sleep well at all last night. when i finally did get to sleep (after 2) i had abuot a zillion nightmares about bugs and woke up SURE that something was on me.

(ironically, one time when i was little i woke up feeling something crawling on my face but i convinced myself that it was just my imagination. nope. it was a wasp. yeah. that was awesome.)

i've got a montster headache today, which i'm sure has quite a lot to do with the lack of sleep but even more to do with the lack of sustenance. i'm not kidding, i can't go in that kitchen. it was bad enough that that thing looked like some bizarre love-child of a millipede, spider and freakin' scorpion, but when i saw all his little legs movin' around while he stood still, well, that was just a little too much for me.

you know, i've held bugs and spiders and snakes and all that and i don't mind it at all. but it's that element of surprise that gets me. i just can't handle waking up with them on my damn face. so not cool... i also don't like seeing them scurry away from whatever food i'm preparing to eat (which is what happened last night). i think i might just set the kitchen on fire and start anew.

other randomness:
>my statistics professor asked if we hated him today. no one said no.
>tonight is round two at the sushi bar, but i haven't heard from boone yet today.
>i can't remember the last time i took something for a headache.
>geology lecture is cancelled on monday!
>i still have free week passes if anybody wants to go to sun city tan.
>mc chris at rhino's next month?
>i wonder what happened to little t and one track mike.
>i've had the hiccoughs since 8 o'clock this morning!

god damn, i gotta eat.

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