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binary happiness

things were pretty rough last night
a lot of shit hitting the fan
all at once

it's so easy to focus on the negative
i don't know why
but it always seems more important somehow
why should i care so much about anything people say
especially coming from people like them

i don't know why i care so much about anything
i seem to have this "all or nothing" personality
it's dragging me down though
i fail
and then i think my life is over
but i know better than that
or at least i should

i can try again
and again
if i have to
there's always tomorrow

old habits are hard to break
i'm doing my best
but it's difficult to undo
a lifetime of abnormal behavior
i'll grow up
one of these days
there's always tomorrow

thanks for your help

epiphany | heartspumpdust | jo3 | tiw
Tags: depression, friendship, reflection
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