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ukraine is weak!

i just won a game of risk against my brother and the russians, paul and ivan. now, i'm not one to brag, (ha!) but i'd like to give a little more detail about this surprising upset.

in case you don't know, i happen to hate the game risk because it is long and tedious and i always lose. (at home, i would help my brother defeat my dad only to be taken out on the next turn.) so, i had no plans, strategies or even delusions that i would be anything but the first one out of the game. i left long strings of single-army countries along my warpath. at one point, i was down to 10 armies in 6 countries. then i turned in my cards, defeated paul, conquered north and south america and was back in the game.

in the end, it was just me and eli. and it was very close, but he accidentally left me the european continent when he ended his turn. he made me fight a war on two fronts, which ended up putting a sizeable army out of play in the end. but australia could not withstand the mighty cannons of siam and i was victorious!

oh christ. i fucking hate risk.


Sep. 9th, 2005 04:12 pm (UTC)
my brother and i got the new risk:2021 for our dad a few christmases ago. it didn't occur to me until the very moment he opened it up that i would have to play this game with him and my brother. oh my goodness. that was the longest game of my life! we had to reread the new rules like EVERY turn. i tried really hard to lose, but no one would take me out. miraculously, i ended up winning that game too.

maybe sometime we can have a "family game night." we can be team "i don't give a crap." ;)

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