sWell (shakewell) wrote,

i've got to stop watching tv at night

i dreamed i was trying to run up all the stairs in the bank one building (which is apparently called the one america tower and has 37 flights of stairs) in the middle of the night. abby from er was working the front desk and bonnie, a nurse from the dialysis clinic, was cleaning up coffee grounds on the tenth floor. see, after the tenth floor, i had to cut through the buliding to get to the next ten flights of stairs on the opposite side of the building. the room bonnie was in was like this tiny theater i went to during the world affairs seminar at the university of wisconsin-whitewater. she had two dogs with her--one tiny little weiner dog and one big, long-haired, brown dog (like jo3's dad, creep0, has). the second set of stairs was outside the building, while the first was inside. i stepped out onto the balcony of metal bars, the whole thing was no bigger than 3x3 ft, and didn't see any stairs. i came back inside and asked bonnie where the stairs were. she said that was the place i just wasn't looking. then bonnie went to leave, and the little dog jumped onto the big dog's back and rode out like that. back out on the balcony, i saw a rickety set of fire escape ladders, but, instead of hanging over the balcony, they were off the edge. i started to climb the first ladder, which was twice as long as it should have been and bowed down in the middle. at this point, i should mention that i was wearing my pajamas, a toboggan (ah! wikipedia tell's me this is a southern thing to call such a hat a toboggan. it makes sense i suppose that people who never needed to wear them would confuse them with other things (sleds) they never got to use and, thus, mix up two things ridiculous that are not at all the same. idiots. i'm never calling it a toboggan again.), and a pair of puppy dog slippers. one of the slippers started to come loose and i lost my footing just a few rungs away from the ledge, so i climbed down and went back home.

i also dreamed about a going to a book store with my brother. the was a book based on the movie big and entitled tom hanks' big idea. there was also this color your own comic book version of some classic literature that i just kept saying was too pedantic.

and i dreamed about jane pauley's talk show. only it was a sex advice show. and she 3 couples on stage to demonstrate. later, it somehow degenerated into makeup tips, where jane and her guests (the nude couples) proceeded to tell me i looked worse with makeup on.
Tags: dreams
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