sWell (shakewell) wrote,

take a bite out of dreams

last night, i dreamed that my sister was extracting my teeth with a crowbar while we waded in a rising pool of water in stewbot's mom's kitchen during a horrendous flood.

today, my gums hurt and i can tell my teeth have spread since my wisdom teeth came out... whenever that was... so many moons ago. i've got a really bad memory associated with that week of recovery. it wasn't the pain or the boredom (or the horrendous cost of the surgery). damn, i guess i have two memories. both involve being let down. oh, swell, don't dwell!


i love my calculus teacher. he's so funny.

at class tonight, maintenance men were apparently working up in the ceiling. i heard them talking, and it was really freaking me out because i couldn't tell where the voices were coming from. it freaked professor ng out even more. that was really funny.

i like that i laugh at school.

a boy once made fun of me because my shoulders shake when i laugh. this was the first year i lived in madison. i'd never been so embarrassed in my life. honestly, i doubt i laughed at school for the rest of the year. only in the last few months have i stopped being aware of my shoulders when i laugh. i'm not sure if the still shake or not, but i know i laugh now and that's all that matters.

"i wanted mild sauce, but i got the hots for you instead."
Tags: dreams, qotd

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