sWell (shakewell) wrote,

oh fuck, my ass!

as much as i love what planned parenthood does for people, i sure do hate how they run their fucking business. i was there for over an hour and a half today - just to get a shot in my ass! that's ridiculous. but whatever... i'm glad i only have to go there four times a year.

i went to the post office today, too. they were very nice to me and cheered me up. i love the US postal service. i only wish i knew what to do to get a job there.

there's a campus cop stalking me. it's very annoying, because instead of hitting on me, he follows me around and tells me what a loser i am. that's fucking weird.

i've been having weird dreams again. about ecstasy. only we always get bad pills. i can't even have a good time in my dreams. sheesh. there was this cute penguin there last night though, splashing around in the kitchen sink. so that was nice.

i've got some exams coming up. i guess i'll go study.

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