sWell (shakewell) wrote,

friday freedom

i like to lay around in bed on fridays, not because i'm exhausted from dancing and staying up all night, not because i drank too much and got hungover (i'm actually not hungover), but because i don't have anything at all to do on fridays and i can.

the freedom to live life as you please is so comforting.

stacy kidd was great. catching up and dancing with menlie was awesome. apparently, a lot of people like to watch us shake our hot little asses. cool with me. someone told me that i "won best dressed for the night." i found that amusing. it's good to know there's a least some reward for sacrificing pockets to fashion. i got a lot of free drinks. i got a job offer. i gave out my number (and am regretting it already ). ("men who call too much are the worst.") i talked and danced a lot with joe leone(sp?), who cut all his hair off too! i got a lot of compliments on my hair. now, i don't need people to like my hair--they don't have to live with it--but i like when they do. and i also talked with slater for a few and got a nice hug.

tomorrow, to a russian party with my brother i might go. (he says that's how his russian friends talk and it's rubbing off on him.)


i've got a multitude of bug bites and it's driving me batty.


i've been trying to keep up with the katrina news, but it makes me cry. i can't do it anymore. i'm reminded of the sick, sick feeling i got after 9/11. i tried reading other news and then came a cross more flood pictures from switzerland and i read that more than 1000 muslims died in a stampede when rumors spread that there was a suicide bomber among the pilgrims.

somedays, i just can't deal with the real world.
Tags: alcohol, dancing, katrina, menlie

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