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a guy who's into tarot cards, porno magazines, heavy metal and horror movies said, today, he doesn't like what i like in art. as if that's something that should upset me.

yeah, i'm judgmental and i have no qualms about it at all in this particular situation.

actually, i don't dislike this guy because he's into so much absolute crap; i dislike him because he's trying to be elitist about it.


i made tortilla soup yesterday. it was surprisingly delicious. i'm very proud of myself--especially since frying the tortilla strips involved heating oil and i'm fairly certain i came pretty close to setting my apartment on fire. go me.

as i said, the soup was delicious and i guess i ate too much because of that. or maybe i just drank too much water, the essence of life. either way, i got sick last night and it toats sucked.

(my friend dander b. says he submitted that word to the urban dictionary. i'm trying to help him help it catch on.)


can anyone tell me the name of the high school gym teacher that wasn't mr. bullington or coach o.? for some reason, i've been trying to think of it for a couple of weeks. two nights ago, i dreamed about him and i toats knew his name in the dream. but, in waking life, it's still a mystery.


i forget if i told you that i saw happy endings. in case i didn't, i just want to say it wasn't all that great--despite maggie gyllenhall's unencumbered tits. (that image is not from happy endings, but it does somewhat capture the essence of what i'm referring to.)


my parents brought me chocolate chip cookies, yesterday. oh my god. i haven't had sweets in a minute. jeez... it sucks having to pace myself, but i suppose it's better in the long run.


i got a phone call last night. it's not sitting well with me. it's the second time in so many years i've had issues with this whole forgive and forget dilema. i don't like that i seem to think about it so abnormally.

more on this later, perhaps.


see you jerks at vapour tonight! i'm gonna dance my ass off and drink 'til i reboot!
Tags: alcohol, dancing, pick-up attempts
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