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i'm off caffeine again. it only took one week of consumption to put another cyst in my breast and put me back in pain. way cool. so, now, since all decaffeinated/caffeine-free beverages pale in comparison to the glorious array of coca-cola products, i'm back to rehydrating with water, the essence of life.

also, if you see me sneaking a soda or iced tea, please knock it to the ground, punch me in the boob and say something to the effect of "that's what you get." thanks much.


the boy next to me in my geology lecture was sketching me at the urging of the girl on his opposite side. i guess they must have thought that i was both blind and deaf (or possibly just stupid), because they were stealing glances and whispering (though not all that quietly), like i didn't know what was up. anyway, it was weird for me. weird because i was trying to pretend i didn't know what they were doing, since they seemed to want it to be a secret, but also weird because it's a strange feeling to model for someone else's art.

to be honest, i think he just wanted to sketch my hair and there's a high probability that his drawing was of a boy. so, don't think i'm getting full of myself here.

other than that, geology lecture was pretty boring. my professor couldn't get any of the fancy media equipment to work, she still had a terribly obvious cold and she basically just gleaned the highlights from the textbook. i'm so glad she's made attendance mandatory.

at least it gave me time to finish my chapter notes. at the end of the semester, we can get up to half of our project points just by turning in our class notebook. i spent all weekend trying to take notes on the damn introductory chapter. apparently, i'm quite out of the habit. and, to tell the truth, a great majority of that time was spent trying to reel microsoft word in to do my outline-customization bidding.

speaking of which, that was never really accomplished. despite what is displayed on screen, the numbering never prints out correctly. in fact, it often prints out in completely bizarre ways (such as printing all the numbers in a section as 2's instead of 1, 2, 3...

on a related note, i own, not one, but two three-hole punches, one of which i planned to use to put my printed notes into a binder. somehow, in a year of not using them, i've managed to bury them beyond detection in one of the four places to store things in this tiny apartment (the desk, the bed, the craft dresser and the piano bench). ridiculous.


statistics was boring and hot and boring and noisy and did i mention boring. i like to watch people in that class. i'm fairly certain i witnessed the arrangement of a drug deal which was then carried out in the hallway in the middle of lecture. how often does that happen?

my professor demands class participation. he'll stand and wait for someone to interact with him. it's kind of sad, but not sad enough that i'll ever speak up in class.


i did some calculations. i need a 4.0 this semester to get a 3.325. i guess i can do it, but won't say i have a high degree of confidence in it actually happening.

man, i kind of have to do it though. if i can't get a 3.3, then i can't sign my contract with the navy. if i don't do that, well, that kind of screws up my plans for the next six years.

i guess i'd better get back to the books.


upcoming events:

stacy kidd, dave owen & apx, seth & mack, slater hogan & john larner at the vapour lounge
thursday 9.1.05

howl at the moon (it's not too late to join in)
friday 9.9.05
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