sWell (shakewell) wrote,

the grand ol' grandparents

i spent a long time over at my grandparents' house the other night. it took a lot of nerve and a little puking for me to actually make it to the front door, but, once i was in there, i was completely comfortable.

we talked a lot about the navy, since i told them i was probably going to sign up next semester. my grandparents both enlisted for the duration in the navy during world war II and that's how they met. in fact, i finally heard the story of their meeting. my grandfather was waiting to be discharged, but they assigned him to the teletype office in the meantime because he told them he could type. (my grandfather could not type.) he said he'd spend the whole shift typing up something that should have been done in a half an hour. he also said he probably could have done it faster, but he had no intention of working hard at all. it turns out that my grandmother worked in that office, but she was on leave or something when my grandfather transferred into it. when she got back, she asked him to trade jobs with her, but he refused because he'd seen how hard she'd been working and he didn't want to give up his cake job.

that's my grandpa... such a gentleman.

i also heard how they decided to get married, but i found it more depressing than romantic. my dad said he'd never even heard that story. i'm not surprised they haven't told it much.

anyway, i really admire my grandparents. they are so smart and capable. so experienced and well-traveled. they're helpful, but not indulgent. i think i'm probably glad they're my grandparents and not my parents, because they (mostly my grandfather, really) can be pretty old-fashioned about a couple of things, but i still love 'em.

i kinda wish i had kids already so they could get to know their great-grandparents. i never knew mine. i guess, since i don't have kids, it's all the more reason that i should spend time with my grandparents and get to know them well. that way, i can tell all kinds of stories about what great people they are.
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