sWell (shakewell) wrote,

howl at the moon

hey! i finally won something!!

Here is what you and your guests have won:

• Free admission for up to 100 people.
• Complimentary buffet from 5pm - 7pm.
• Half Priced drinks for you and all your guests until 7pm!
• One table with four chairs, reserved in your name… til 7pm!
• In order to receive all of the party benefits, all guests must arrive before 7pm.

obviously, i don't have 100 close, personal friends. so, i'm extending this invite out anyone that can make it out for the party. i have to choose either friday 9/2 or friday sept 9/9. i'm leaning towards 9/9, because i'm going out for stacy kidd (at the vapour lounge) on thursday 9/1.

so, if you would like to go, hit me up with your email address, so i can send the evite. if you have a date preference, be sure to specify that you can't go on a particular night.

if you've never been to howl at the moon, check out their website. it is such a rockin' good time!

this would also be an excellent opportunity to have our not-getting-married-yet-bachelorette party. we can get stupid ridiculous with it!

seriously, everyone is welcome and you can bring friends too (i'll need thair email addresses as well).

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