sWell (shakewell) wrote,

fall semester

so, another semester is underway. all of my classes are so full and it is such a pain in my ass. sixty people in a statistics course and the a/c barely works in that room. yeah, it's going to be rough in there. still, i've got some old chums (james, tony and becca) in that class, so i think i'll find a way to tolerate it and also pass.

becca is in my geology lecture too, though i didn't see her in the crowd. that prof is hard of hearing, but otherwise seems fine enough. she may be a little too excited by rocks, though. i dunno.

both of my geolgy labs are taught by grad students who seem a)completely unprepared, but b) pretty relaxed about everything. i did the same lab in both classes (which are back-to-back) so that was kind of annoying. but when aren't metric to english conversions annoying? in any case, everyone in the second lab now thinks i'm a genius because i'm such a whiz at conversions and figured out how to calculate the density of water and rocks so quickly. heh. suckers.

there's a man in the second lab who thinks i'm in his lecture section (which apparently meets just before the lab). he asked me, "you were in the class that just got out, right?" i said yes, because i was in the lab that just let out in that same classroom. then someone started asking us about the prof for the lecture and the extra credit feild trips or something and i just pretended i hadn't been paying attention and didn't know or care. at no point did correct the miscommunication. i guess i'll have to explain it to him next week. or maybe i'll just tell him i switched sections. gra.

for some reason, my calculus class meets in the engineering building. at first, i was upset by this, because i totally got lost over there, but then i discovered that the classroom has fabulous theater-style seats, so i got over it. i've got a prof i've never had before, but that's probably a good thing. he's really funny, but he makes a lot of mistakes on the board and doesn't seem very organized. oh well.

i hear iupui is going back to the stewart calculs books (the ones with the violins on the cover) soon. figures that they hung on to stupid swokowski just long enough for me to take all the calculus courses. i hate that text book so much. plus, it's hideously purple. i hope they give it at least one more semester, because i'd really like to sell it back. i bit the bullet on my old stewart book (there's a new edition now) and that was a hard enough blow to the pocketbook.
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