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back home again in indiana

summer vacation is over and your prodigal narrator has reluctantly returned. cedar point was grand, but i came home and, for a multitude of reasons, i decided to quit my job. my good friend, kradams is wont to have us believe i am just a selfish coward, incapable of maintaining a real job in this adult world--and that may very well be true, depending on your point of view. but it's also accurate that i'm careful and thrifty enough with my finances that i never have to subject myself to a job, manager, coworker or friend of which i'm just plain sick and tired.

i know what i did seems careless and reckless to most, but i also know that what you think doesn't matter to me. the most upsetting thing of last week's events was seeing how quickly kradams turned on me. obviously, i should have been expecting no better, but (just as she though i would change my "irresponsible" job-hopping ways,) i thought she'd learn to be a better friend. maybe she was trying to be a friend when she gave me all those different lectures before she even found out if i was ok, but that's no friend to me. oh well. she's told me how disappointed she is in me as well, since she referred me to that job, but i told her--straight up--before i even applied that this is just what i do and no one who's ever referred me to a job has not regretted it six months later.

in other friend-related news, i recently had a conversation with someone (i'm exercising restraint! can you see it?), in which he explained to me that practically everything he's ever said to me was intended to have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the matter at hand and he endeavored to be anything but serious with me throughout all of our encounters. well, this certainly explains the feelings of frustration and confusion i was left with, whenever he and i attempted to communicate.

the point of the matter is, i still can't take a joke--EVER. moreover, i really can't understand how people can let themselves be taken seriously when they don't aim to be so. sure, it's some fault of mine that i either can't tell people aren't being serious or that i just refuse to believe there's not some shred of true intention in everything one does. still, if i were just messing around with a friend of mine and he didn't get it, i think i'd want to let him in on the joke before he took me seriously and got pissed off.

but that's me and everyone's got a right to do their own thing. i respect that. but i won't be choosing those cats as friends anymore, that's for damn sure.

so, school starts tomorrow. i'm taking physical geology and it's lab, the environmental geology lab, statistics for the sciences and calc III. sounds like another big dorky semester. hooah! my goals for this semester include passing stats and getting my gpa up to 3.3. (i'm at 3.116, currently.) that reminds me of an silly quote: "but, you know, as good as i am at math, i couldn't tell you what grade i'd need in japanese to bring my gpa up to that." yeah, that was me. after some quick calculations just now, i've concluded that i can indeed figure it out, but that it is not actually possible. heh.

stewbot and i (and no one else!) went to the mc chris (clixnwhistles) show on saturday. it was a much tighter show than the one at bubba's bowling alley and i had a blast. things are really coming together this time around. i gave dj john and mc chris one of my postcards. john looked pretty boggled by it. chris will probably never see it. oh well. whatever.

i made a whole new batch of postcards last weekend. i'm getting pretty good at it; i'm one crafty bitch. hehe. anyway, if anyone out there wants one of their very own, just hit me up with your address sometime. i really like sending mail, and i really like making recipient-related themes out of random magazine clippings. thus far, my favorite is still the one (robot or faux bot?) that i made for quarantine, but my second-favorite (discobabes from outerspace) has no recipient yet. i'm really regretting not taking pictures of them all, but it's way too late to start that now.

stewbot and i also saw murderball, yesterday. it was really good, but surprisingly sad in a few places. definitely entertaining for a documentary, though. i give it two thumbs up!

happy endings is playing at the same theater. i'd never heard of it before yesterday, but i'm kinda pumped about seeing it anyway. plus, i got a free promo poster and "do not disturb" door hanger and i really like free stuff.

i saw batman begins with jo3 in madison. i thought it was super-good for a batman movie, though i'm much less infatuated with christian bale than i used to be and i still hate katie holmes and her goofy, crooked grin. i'm curious if bruce and rachel (was that her name?) ever hook up or cross paths again. i've only seen one other batman movie and i don't even remember who played batman, let alone any storyline.

so, i really can't remember what else is new these days. it sure was nice when i used to make notes, mental and otherwise, of stuff i needed to update about. here's a short list:

*i cut my hair some more.
*kiki ran out, but not away. she kicked my neighbors' dog's ass this weekend.
*i'm picking up my scholarship tonight.
*i'm going to a house party this weekend!
*i bought 31 new records. eeee!!!
*jo3's brother, jeff, hooked me up with some classic vinyl
*i almost saw a dude get hit by an rv. i totally saw him dragging his ass across the road.
*i went to the zoo and white river gardens. i'm thoroughly unimpressed by the hedge garden.

that's all for now.

it's good to be back.
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