sWell (shakewell) wrote,

tick tock and ya don't stop

they took down all the clocks at the bmv, but i still know it took me an hour to get new plates and a title. oh well, at least it's all done now.

for the record, though i didn't even think it was possible, i like my doctor (belcher) even less now. they're giving me the run around on getting my prescription called in. thanks for wasting my time, jerks.

geology is almost over, and i can't thank god enough. christ. i had no idea i would be more fed up with classmates in an online class than in real life. fucking idiots...

i've got one last paper to write for my education class. i should start today, but i don't really know what i'm doing yet. plus, i'm really tired. (procrastination, my old friend.)

if you're in town, i hope to see you all at vapour tonight.

also, the cedar point trip is a definite go, now. all aboard!
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