sWell (shakewell) wrote,

as falls clifty, so falls clifty falls

drjeffy and i are discussing the possibilty of some hiking and camping down clifty way later this year, so i just thought i'd feel out other people's interest in the idea. he's thinking late September, late October, or very early November for the dates. he's going to do a couple days of camping with his outdoor club from school and i'd like to bike down and back from indy for the adventure.

the invitation goes out especially to the "seniors" and "freshman," but of course anyone who's interested is certainly welcome.

i don't know where they're camping exactly, but we'd like to hike the creek bed up to big clifty. and, obviously, a good old-fashioned pitch-in or picnic would definitely be in order.


in other adventure-related news, i'm thinking of driving to the ocean in my mini-summer vacation. i was thinking about the third week in august (14-20), but just realized i may not be able to get the time off now. my calendar miscalculations have jsut dashed my damn dreams to pieces. fuckles. maybe i can work it out tomorrow...

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