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tornado alley

this morning i dreamed that my parents backyard opened up to a high school track field. next door to them was the clinic where i work. i spilled a shit ton of dry oatmeal on the floor there and was supervising one of those robotic vacuum cleaners while playing you don't know jack with _alpha_female. i spotted a tornado (like that one that lasted 15 minutes in florida and didn't hurt a damn thing) so i went over to my parents house to hole up. i went into the basement but my brother stayed outside with my dad. i crouched on the floor and i could totally feel the tornado go right over me. i opened my eyes and say the back half of the house was gone. my mom (who's absolutely terrified of tornadoes) came downstairs and started cleaning out the deep freezer. i told her i could see another tornado coming (in fact there were two tornadoes circling the track again and again), but she just kept trying to give me old food they'd never eat. i hid under a mattress like she used to make me do when i was a kid. and the funnel clouds continued to ravage me. my mom never looked up from the freezer.

i woke up with a stiff neck and back. if it weren't for all the other stuff in the dream that didn't make any sense, i would totally believe i got hit by tornadoes last night.



Jul. 19th, 2005 04:36 am (UTC)
Wow. That's a strange one alright.

I'm flattered that I'm in your subconscious. We should hang out again sometime - getting lunch together at P.F. Chang's was fun.

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