sWell (shakewell) wrote,

too tired for the links this requires

today, i made perfectly normal conversation with a stranger that sat down next to me at the theater.

i'm proud of myself.

i saw charlie and the chocolate factory. as much as i normally love jonny depp, i was completely annoyed with his performance. he's no gene wilder, that's for damn sure.

chris fortier is mixing some nine inch nails on planet x right now. mmmm... i'd like to go see him (fortier) thursday night, but i doubt i could swing it. for just $7, though, maybe it's worth a shot.

i really enjoy taking random backroads to get where i'm going these days. i like exploring this sprawling city. and i love driving that fucking jeep.

kiki gives me goodnight kisses. it's so sweet.

sweet, sweet dreams, baby.
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