sWell (shakewell) wrote,

"i am mother teresa"

i really wish hatter716 (also elichandler) still kept up with lj. in this completely roundabout way, i was just reminded of the first skate video i ever watched and it brought back all these excellent memories of him (and a ton of other kids i never talk to anymore). i miss him a lot, but i don't know how to reach him anymore (even though i'm pretty sure he's still back in madison).

sometimes, i wonder if, when i die, word will spread like cancer via lj and email or if it will trickle down over the years leaving some technologically disadvantaged and far removed acquaintances wondering, "what ever happened to that amanda chick?'

i guess that's morbid.

sometimes i get excited about going to see big name acts like john b, reid speed, dj icey and dieselboy i guess just for the notoriety of it, because, honestly, if it's not house, it's probably going to get on my nerves at a party (much like it does at home). still, semi-cross-country road trips are a great excuse to get the hell out of dodge and enjoy my new car and i like that a lot.
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