sWell (shakewell) wrote,

my plan for yesterday was to come home from work, pick up tickets for poake, nap and then get ready for the action at talbott street. i stopped at evolving for tickets, but they were inexplicably closed. i got home and remembered i had class. after class i decided to pump it up for a minute. *phew* i'm no where near being able to finish the whole workout, but i'm making progress--slowly, but surely. after that, i called vago to see if he still wanted to buy the neo geo. while i waited for him to arrive, i cleaned out the car. i'd completely forgotten that i still had a couple thousand aol cds in the hatch. good grief... even though i'd told rod to tell vago everything that was wrong with the car, vago and his lady friend (sister? girlfriend?) seemed surprised by it all and, of course, changed their minds. no biggie. heh. they did offer to smoke me out since they felt bad about it for some reason, but i passed. after they left, i decided to work on cleaning up (that broke-ass nigga named) chauncey. i worked up a good sweat scrubbing that upholstery, but it still needs a lot of "elbow grease" as my salesman put it. (actually, i believe he said "a little elbow grease.")

as darkness set in, i started getting ready to go out. i also re-cleaned the apartment. at about 10 o'clock, i figured out that no one else was going to be going out until around 12 or so, so i layed down for a quick nap. i set the alarm. well, i thought i did. i mean, i did set it--just not for the right time, apparently. i woke up at 1, had a good long laugh at myself and went back to bed. only i could look forward to something for so long and then sleep right through it. oh well.

it's pretty ironic (or just funny) that cleaning my car for DD-action and cleaning my apartment for potential houseguests are precisely what kept me from DD-ing and entertaining guests. heh.

starting tomorrow, i'm on for four days at the clinic. whee. next week it's five in a row. and i wonder why i can't stay awake for my personal agenda...

my geology class is such fucking cake i can't stand it. all the more reason to become a good teacher, i guess.

my brother had the most excellent idea of driving down to see the shuttle launch tomorrow. i wish i could. it's sounds like a real blast! (ha. shit. i didn't do that on purpose, i swear.)

i got new pants at wal*mart. i like to call them fUFOs. that's fake UFOs. they cost me $9.67 and even a total party kid had to ask me if they were authentic. i just got them becuase they looked cool and comfortable, but if they look not only not completely generic but also popularly branded, i guess thats fine with me too.
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